What is supply chain management?

Supply chain can be defined as a chain that supplies the raw material, turns it into the final product, delivers it to the customers and it includes the manufacturers as well as the distributors.

We can order the main goals of the companies for using suppy chain management as such:

  • To ensure the continuation of supplier companies and to reach credible ones,
  • To minimize the expense and loss of stocks,
  • To increase the prestige and competitiveness of the company,
  • To standardize the products and services (raw material, parts, service and auxiliary materials),
  • To prevent the product quality from decreasing,
  • To reduce the managerial expenses,
  • To sustain a continuous service, material and information flow by creating a routine for manufacturing processes using supply chain management,
  • To reach the material and services with the lowest cost possible.
What is supply chain management?